The Fieldworker in a Superposition

Graham Keddie, MRSS

The information below illustrates my starting point for the piece of this work, which was developed in conjunction with the independent research group, APT: A Place in Time.

The exhibition took place at FCA, Fermynwoods Contemporary Art and Brigstock Water Tower, 6th, 7th and 8th September 2013.

Original ‘One Hour’ proposal

‘With notions relating to place and time being a central focus, the starting point for each exhibiting artist was to spend one hour in a specific location and make new work in response to this’.


This book is a partial documentation of the passage of thoughts, questions actions and events recorded at a specific place and time, mixed with tracings and mappings of recorded memories of the same.

The context of the work carried out could be seen as an anthropological dialogue between the ‘fieldworker’ and an examination of knowledge, the practices of everyday life, and a sense of truth in paradox.

The book is not the work itself; nor are the actions or events. The work comprises a ‘hosting’ of potential connections. The actions and events ‘evidenced’, along with the book, comprise a primitive vehicle to enable an exploration of the open ended paradox concerning the specificness of place and time.

The work

I have spent one hour reading passages from the books listed below. The extracts of text, read by a disabled, dyslexic visual artist, invoke questions about the variable layers in between knowledge and truth.

I wanted to explore any emerging structures, to see if they in some way trace or relate to everyday thinking or definition. This formed the basis of the work.

It then became an act of exploring potential relationship structures and paradoxes. An archaeological site was created through the burial of objects and text. This took place in the field immediately behind Brigstock Water Tower, 2013.

Foucault, M. (2012) The Achaeology of Knowledge and the Discourse on Language. Vintage Books, USA. Originally published as L’Achaeologie du Savoir, 1971, translated by Sheridan Smith, A.M. p. 28.

De Certeau, M. Giard, L and Mayol, P. (1998), The Practice of Everyday Life, vol 2: Living and Cooking. New revised and augmented edition, London, University of Minnesota Press. Originally published as L’invention du quotation, II, babiter, cuisine. Translated by Tomasik, J. 1994, p. 3.

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