I Sea You

I Sea You.

Filmed on location at NN14 3JA; 14 mins 30 seconds.

If Lewis Carroll, Italo Calvino or Georges Perec were walking through a wood conversing with you, or amongst themselves, you might feel cast into a performance interwoven with anticipatory dialogue, metaphor, history, politics and personal anxiety. You might find it difficult to tell what is true and what is real. Which path should you follow and just how reliable is the narrator?

For me, I Sea You is rather like following and trying to make a map on the move whilst travelling through a wood, or navigating all of the coded messages and conversations I experience while watching and listening to people. It’s rather like a meeting of Xylophobia; the fear of woods (or things made of wood) and those implied private whispers between the participants in George Seurat’s painting; A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, s1886.

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