The Infinite Fraction Part 4, Driving to Huddersfield.

In three parts;

Graham Keddie’s sculptural practice explores linguistics across visual, written and spoken language. As a research practitioner his sculptural works operate as philosophical, open-ended enquiries.

In this context he is a voyeur of himself, experiencing contemporary post-modernist environments of constant momentum and complexity. He immerses himself in the algorithms of multi-layered information, perceptions, views, comments and conversations that relate to place, time and memory.

The video work, The Infinite Fraction Part 4, Driving to Huddersfield, deliberately avoids a singular illustrated narrative by playing simultaneously with multiple perceptions relating to place, time and space. The work combines Keddie’s footage with the text and an amalgamation of extracts from social media messages, contemporary dramas, news reports, overheard public discourse and person-to-person conversations recorded in real time.

Shown in the Royal Society of Sculptors exhibition; Conversations in Sculpture at Huddersfield Art Gallery and @grahamkeddie

This work and others were discussed with Elizabeth Hawley-Lingham

Director CVAN EM;


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