‘Ironing dangerously whilst watching Dexter and falling asleep’

Graham Keddie, has been collecting fragments of conversations across contemporary social media, public spaces and fictional entertainment for a period of 12 months. This is an expanding enquiry into the practice of; ‘language in contemporary communication’.

This inter-active piece of work enables the choosing and construction of dialogues and conversation. The work combines social media messages, texts, fictional dialogue, news reports, overheard public discourse and direct person to person conversations in real time.

He monitors where this librariy of phrases imitate, interchange, complement, copy and mimic one another.

This has led to a mapping process searching for coordinated points where phrases validate and reinforce each other. In each case it has been necessary for each phrase to be seen, heard, copied or repeated in at least 3 of the prescribed domains.

These phrases are then presented layering real contexts with fiction. The original context and meanings have been omitted. This places the content of these gathered fragmented discourses in a new inter-active sculptural context. The sculpture offers an intimate experience of scrutiny and enquiry. 

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